Sounding Board

Sounding Board: for gamechanging pioneers at the extreme cutting edge

I’ll stand beside you as you blaze your trail.


It can be incredibly lonely when you decide to follow your own path. You have no choice but to back yourself, often in the face of brutal rejection and resistance from seemingly smart and talented people who don’t understand you or agree with your perspective. It takes incredible courage and self-belief to back yourself and move away from the herd, but ultimately your commitment to appreciating your own uniqueness is a key factor that will determine how far you go.

The reality is your gifts are unique and there’s likely nobody else you can fully relate to without having to peg yourself down a notch or two and my hope is for you to feel seen and understood in ways you may have yet to experience in your life.

I am a sounding board for you to express and explore the full spectrum of your genius. I have the ability to recognise your talent and shed light on perspectives that can lead to deeper awareness and help you recognise potential you have yet to see in yourself. 

If you consider yourself to be neurodiverse or aberrant in some way I am uniquely equipped to help you unlock your hidden potential. I believe we all have dormant genius hiding beneath our uniqueness…which is unfortunately the part of our nature we try keep hidden…and what’s aberrant about me is my ability to recognise the aberrance in others and gracefully bring it to the surface.

The typical format is to send recorded audio messages back and forth using the signal app which has excellent encryption, however we can create a bespoke communication solution that best suits your circumstances.

I have templated non disclosure agreements (NDA’s) available and we can take any additional precautions necessary including the option for you to remain anonymous if your identity and/or brand is an asset that requires the appropriate care.

The email link at the bottom of this page is encrypted. Messages come straight to me and only me so feel free to get in touch to schedule a call and/or exchange signal information to begin chatting.

Cheers for now,

David Ding